A Democratic party opportunity on higher education

by VanessaVaile

See, not everything blogged or sent to social media is about #NAWD. It just feels like it this week. Maybe I could designate Bryan as an adjunct ally outpost and posts as actions…

Bryan Alexander

This month has seen interesting signs of a potential partisan split on higher education.  That would be a major shift in American party politics, as both Democrats and Republicans have generally joined hands since 2008 in pressuring campuses to cut costs and reform academically.  We could be on the cusp of a strong party divide.

Here’s why.  A suite of Republican governors have suddenly attacked public funding for colleges and universities, most recently with Rauner of Illinois.  Their reasons vary, but they agree that tertiary education can bear massive financial cuts.

Bernie SandersThen from the far opposite side of the political spectrum came an antithetical call.  One of my state’s senators, avowed socialist (nominally independent, caucuses with Democrats) Bernie Sandersproposed that federal and state governments completely fund tuition and fees for every student in their first and second years while attending public institutions.

“We need a revolution in the…

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