Scientists and social media: an important new study

by VanessaVaile

on technology and communication ~ both matter not just in education for to adjunct faculty advocacy and organizing

Bryan Alexander

Pew Research Center logoOut of all academics, how are scientists using new technologies to communicate?  Pew has a new study, based on surveying nearly 4,000 scientists, and the results are important for higher education and technology.

The short version: the future belongs to young and female Earth scientists.

Pew researchers presenting to AAAS Pew researchers presenting to AAAS

The long version: there are many observations about science and communication in the study as a whole, but I’ll focus here just on implications for education.

It’s unsurprising but useful to know that 87% of the AAAS respondents saw communication with the public – not just their peers – as important.  Broadly speaking, science is not a cloistered field.   Put another way, communication isn’t being forced on an unwilling group of disciplines.

When it comes to communicating with their peers, scientists use a variety of media, with an emphasis on old-school methods:

scientists communicating by different venues

When it comes to digitally communicating with…

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