A wave of state-mandated queen sacrifices for American public universities

by VanessaVaile

We’ve each been following in our own states, where we work, used to work, went to college, grew up ~ places we are connected to ~ but it’s not happening in just in a few places nor restricted to a particular part of the country

Bryan Alexander

axThe Wisconsin governor’s call to sharply cut funding to that state’s public universities seems to have spawned similar moves in other states.  This could lead to a series of queen sacrifices, where core academic programs shrink or disappear.

Illinois: new governor Bruce Rauner called for significant cuts to higher education.  One source, a college presidents, reports “legislators are considering… reducing higher education funding by 20 to 30 percent”.

Louisiana: governor Bobby Jindal announced his intention to plug that state’s budget deficit by cutting public higher education funding, in part.  One story notes

[a] nearly $400 million cut to higher education would mean anywhere from a 40 to 60 percent state funding reduction on most of Louisiana’s public universities, forcing programs and possibly campuses to shutter.

Arizona: new governor Doug Ducey would like to cut public higher education funding by $75 million.

Kansas: recently reelected governor Sam…

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