The importance of Education Bloggers when it comes to reporting on education policy

by VanessaVaile

This post is both #adjunct and #NAWD relevant. How? Add recent revelations about IHE to this description of how EWA policy is stacked against truly independent (e.g. free from influence strings attached to corporate and pro-privatization financial support) media criticism. The result is a grim picture that should encourage all adjunct bloggers to redouble our efforts to pick up the information slack and be our own active voices. It’s time to network like @EdBlogNet’s ed bloggers.


Anthony Cody is one of the nation’s leading education bloggers and public education advocates.  In addition to to writing his own blog, he hosts the citizen journalist platform Living In Dialogue.  Cody is also a founding member of the Network for Public Education, the public education advocacy group headed by Diane Ravitch.

The following is a post entitled, Education Writers Association: Independent Bloggers Need Not Apply.

The piece, published today, lays out the rationale behind the mission of the Education Bloggers Network

Cody writes;

The Education Writers Association has decided that, although I was awarded a first prize for my writing just last year, I am no longer permitted to submit my work for consideration for future awards. Leaders of the organization have decided that I do not meet their definition of a journalist. Investigative blogger and author Mercedes Schneider recently applied for membership, and was likewise…

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