Considering a year of bloggery

by VanessaVaile

What posts did readers, many of them adjuncts, read on this blog in 2014? Technology, academic labor, adjuncts, economics, financial crises leading to layoff, programs and sometimes colleges closiing led the list. If you missed these posts, it’s not too late to catch up with links before we are much further into 2015.

And thank you Bryan for the gracious hat tip to all us commentators, linkers and sharers for writing, “And I especially appreciate you commentators and linkers, who make this kneaded dough rise.” Our pleasure to read and recommend.

Bryan Alexander

start blogging! by Robert SanzaloneLooking back on 2014, I was curious about this blog’s most popular posts.  WordPress generated helpful stats, which shed some light on what readers look for in this bloghouse.

So what were you most curious about in 2014, my blogospheric audience?

  1. Technology.  The story of my wheeling around a conference in a doppelbot was the most popular post of 2014.
  2. The queen sacrifice.  One post about this sign of campus financial crisis was widely clicked on.
  3. Adjuncts.  My screed against an especially awful opinion piece was the third most popular post.
  4. Economics of inequality in education.  Notes on Thomas Piketty’s implications for higher education received significant clickery.
  5. Libraries.  Reflections on a new survey about academic libraries rounded out the top five.

If I can draw conclusions from these results, one might be that a majority of them (adjuncts, inequality, queen sacrifice) concern the bad economic situation of higher education…

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