Badass Teachers Association versus Corporate War on Public Education

by VanessaVaile

FYI @BadassTeachersA now have “BATs in Higher Ed” and #twitterBATs groups on Facebook ~ among others.

Crazy Normal - the Classroom Exposé

Marla Kilfoyle is the General Manager of an education activist group called The Badass Teachers Association.

The Badass Teachers Association has broken new ground because they are the first of their kind. They started as a Facebook group of teachers angry with federal education policy. In a year and a half, they grew into a strong and powerful national presence both on and off social media. BadassTA is now 53,000 strong on Facebook, 15,000 strong on twitter, and has a strong presence in fighting the privatization of our public school system around the nation.

BadassTA uses social media to expose the false narrative of the wealthy oligarchs, for instance, the Koch Brothers and Eli Broad. BadassTA trended on twitter for 2 days straight with their #Evaluatethat campaign, and they were recently featured in Time Magazinefor their rebuttal to the Timecover showing teachers as rotten apples.

The Badass Teachers Association…

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