I was a Teacher.

by VanessaVaile

Constant Identity Crisis

I wrote this when I was a teacher.  I have since left education to pursue a completely different career.  I am now a marketing administrator at UrbanGirl and I love my new career.  Teaching had become too frustrating and too focused on tests.  I loved my students.  If public education can return to being about them, then I would consider returning.  I had published this on another blog, which I then deleted after the post reached 20,000 views!  I did so because I didn’t feel right having that many people reading and responding to something called “I am a Teacher” now that I am NOT a teacher.  I decided to quit writing, and even reading, about education.  However, I have decided that I can’t stop fighting for education.  It is just something I will always be passionate about.  So here it is, again.  And, please, I beg you, if you…

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