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The Educational Delusional Scheme


Here lies public education

A guest post by Dr. Denise Gordon                                  November 22, 2014

I write this short essay to disclose what is happening within my own science classroom, I write to expose the demeaning work environment that I and my fellow colleagues must endure, and I write to give purpose to my years of acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge in teaching science for the secondary student. I am not a failure; however, by the Texas STAAR standard assessment test, I am since this past year I had a 32% failure rate from my 8th grade students in April, 2014. The year before, my students had an 82% passing rate.

What happened in one school year? It does not matter that 2/3 of the student population speaks Spanish in their home. It does not matter their reading capability could be on a 4th grade level. It does not matter homework never…

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Lily’s Blackboard: Dimming the American Dream with Debt

Cloaking Inequity

I was honored to guest blog about my family’s American experience with rapidly increasing college debt for NEA President Lily Eskelsen García at Lily’s Blackboard. The guest post originally appear here.

The NEA has had a recent focus on Degrees Not Debt.

The baby boomers went to college in the 1960s and 1970s at very little cost because their parents’ generation and those before them had made a commitment to publicly funding higher education. However, is that dream dimming because some boomers would rather have tax cuts instead of reasonably priced and high quality public education for the millennials and coming generations of students?

The experience of my family at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor represents the increasing generational debt load. My…

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I was a Teacher.

Constant Identity Crisis

I wrote this when I was a teacher.  I have since left education to pursue a completely different career.  I am now a marketing administrator at UrbanGirl and I love my new career.  Teaching had become too frustrating and too focused on tests.  I loved my students.  If public education can return to being about them, then I would consider returning.  I had published this on another blog, which I then deleted after the post reached 20,000 views!  I did so because I didn’t feel right having that many people reading and responding to something called “I am a Teacher” now that I am NOT a teacher.  I decided to quit writing, and even reading, about education.  However, I have decided that I can’t stop fighting for education.  It is just something I will always be passionate about.  So here it is, again.  And, please, I beg you, if you…

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