First-ever national adjunct walkout day planned for February

by VanessaVaile

United Staff of Columbia College

If you’ve ever wondered what a college campus would be like without adjuncts on staff, you’ll soon find out come National Adjunct Walkout Day.

Planned for February 25, 2015, the protest was proposed by an adjunct professor of writing at San Jose State University – who has chosen to remain anonymous – to call for fair wages and better working conditions. The protest would help bring attention to a segment of college faculty members normally neglected when it comes to work benefits, even though they make up the majority of professors employed by higher education institutions today.

Response has been “enormous” for the event “because an action like this is long overdue,” the adjunct behind the protest told Inside Higher Ed. She went on to say that the organized rallies would likely vary depending on the school and highlight “educational or administrative issues impacting adjuncts within that particular campus, across…

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