Bloggers: Join the Education Bloggers Network!

by VanessaVaile

Diane Ravitch's blog

If you blog and if you support public education as a pillar of our democracy, consider joining the Education Bloggers Network.

This is an informal group that was assembled by Jonathan Pelto of Connecticut.

There are no responsibilities or burdens, just the opportunity to share your work with others across the nation who share your passion and interests.

Please contact Jonathan Pelto at if you wish to become part of this dynamic group, which now includes more than 100 independent bloggers.

This is how Jon describes the Bloggers Network:

“The Education Bloggers Network is a confederation of more than 110 bloggers who are dedicated to supporting public education and pushing back against the corporate education reform industry.

Like the Committees of Correspondence leading up to America’s War for Independence, the bloggers work alone and in groups to educate, persuade and mobilize parents, teachers, education advocates and citizens to stand…

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