Weekend News & Commentary — October 4-5

by VanessaVaile


The United Auto Workers (UAW) announced that it will form a local chapter in Tuscalossa, Alabama to represent Mercedes-Benz’s workers at the Daimler AG assembly plant. About 3,400 full-time workers and 1,000 temporary workers help to build crossovers and sport-utility vehicles at the Tuscalossa plant. UAW plans to ask the company to recognize Local 112 without a NLRB election. Currently, Mercedes-Benz says that the company will remain “neutral,” leaving the unionizing decision to workers. UAW hopes to garner support from newly formed locals and incentivize workers to join. However, the union will have to persuade workers “at a time when the plant is expanding and anti-union rhetoric is intensifying among political leaders throughout Southern states.”  Historically, UAW has faced difficulty in organizing employees at foreign-owned automobile factories.  UAW hopes to strengthen its efforts and currently has the support of German’s IG Metall Union and top labor leaders on Daimler’s management board. In July…

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