Why You Should Not Miss That Expensive Conference

by VanessaVaile

Chris should have posted this on her blog too so I’ll catch it here, add it to the mega Storify ~ and remind her about not neglecting her blog for the bright lights, even/especially if I don’t necessarily agree with her and Joe Berry and continue to stand with Sean Kennedy on this particular point.


One Adjunct’s Reflection on the 11th International Conference of the Coalition of Contingent Academic Labor (COCAL)

By Chris Cruz-Boone

In a candid moment at the COCAL XI debriefing, organizers admitted that the high cost of travel to the New York City location limited conference access for many adjuncts living on fixed incomes.  I was fortunate enough to hobble together enough support from my union local and in-laws to subsidize my attendance at a conference.  It took 10 emails requests before I identified funding sources but I am reminded that as adjuncts we miss opportunities when we don’t ask or get discouraged from the first 9 “no’s.”

In exchange for a one thousand dollar sponsorship my union chapter requested a written summary of the event.  To streamline my synopsis I tweeted throughout the event and my interactions with fellow adjunct activists are ongoing.  Some contingent faculty that could not get…

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