Funnels, Megaphones, and Communities

by VanessaVaile

Important lessons here for other online communities ~ including #adjunct advocacy ones

Joyful Latin Learning -- Tres Columnae

It was an unexpectedly productive, happy morning.  I “delivered” the professional-development content, we talked about how to make it relevant and meaningful, and we started work on our “real” task of preparing assignments for Ms. M’s classes while she’s gone.  And in the midst of that, Ms. H had a wonderful idea.  We’d been talking about creating an Edmodo group so that Latin students at the other schools could share things with Ms. M’s students, and so that students at any of the schools could get help and ask questions when they needed to.  “Of course the students can monitor the feed and answer the questions in real time,” she said.  “And then there could be a real community.”

It turns out that Ms. H’s students have used their Edmodo groups that way for several years.  Mine haven’t.  They quickly embraced the idea of the “daily post” from me, a…

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