The real crisis in philosophy is about power

by VanessaVaile

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Philosophy Adjunct

Philosophy does not have has a sexual harassment/sexism problem. It has a power imbalance problem of which one particularly vicious manifestation is the prevalence of sexual harassment/sexism.

Our society is ruled by a responsibility-free oligarchy, which is becoming more and more entrenched by the day. One consequence of this is the idea that power, authority, cannot be challenged. It is becoming increasingly common and explicit that any one who does challenge or question those who have power must be punished for the act of challenging or questioning, even if the challenge concerns manifestly illegal behavior on the part of those in power*

This dynamic is being replicated in the academy. Consider the ever increasing concentration of power in university administrations and the agenda of corporatization they push, usually with no meaningful consultation of the faculty and often to their detriment.  It seems that this is especially so in professional philosophy…

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