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by VanessaVaile

Like CASA? That’s the Australian group blog for/by “casual, adjunct, sessional staff and their allies.” This blog is CASA editor (one of them) Kate Bowles’ original and personal blog. This post ICYMI is about academic overwork and stress: it’s not just for adjunct faculty — or even just for faculty. A friend who recently retired from managing a university hospital program calls the university a predatory employer. This post is relevant for all of us. I’m “retired” but put in enough daily hours as a digital activist to feel that stress too.

When you finish the post and comments (come for the post, stay for the conversation), take a look at the categories: being an academic (40); casualisation of work (21); higher education (73); edtech and online learning (53) — and more

Music for Deckchairs

Life chez Simpson was not normal, Helen now reflects, principally because a constant eye had to be kept on anything that might affect Simpson’s performance, whether he was racing or not. … “Social life [as a couple] was non-existent. I often used to think it would be really strange living a normal life, going out and having a meal with people.”

William Fotheringham, Put me back on my bike: in search of Tom Simpson (2002)

In the past 4 months I have kept seeing accolades to Andy’s amazing productivity – the 100+ articles, the zillions of case books, etc., and I have always told people that yes, he led a normal life, yes, he got plenty of sleep and yes, he even took plenty of naps. But that’s not really true. His life was not normal, at least not to me, and it certainly wasn’t balanced.

Patty Sun, “Thoughts on…

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