There’s a national assault on teacher pensions. I wonder if the AFT and the NEA heard? (Corrected)

by VanessaVaile

Fred Klonsky


Michael “Macho Man” Mulgrew.

Yesterday I began the afternoon watching the live streaming of the debate over Common Core at the AFT convention in LA.

What could be more moving than hearing my friend Michelle Gunderson speaking about the damage Common Core is doing to her babies?

Imagine. An urban public school teacher talking about her students as if they were her own children – her babies. It’s more common than the media would have you think. And knowing Michelle as I do, there was nothing disingenuous about the reference.

Correction: Michelle Gunderson wrote to correct me. It was Saucedo teacher Sarah Chambers who referred to her students as “my babies.” Michelle added, “aptly so.” Sarah Chambers was one of the courageous teachers who boycotted the pointless testing at Saucedo this past year.

Naturally she was mocked by a delegate supporting the AFT leadership’s defense of Common Core. “They’re not my

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