Northern Policy Could Affect How Social Media Is Used

by VanessaVaile

.@NorthernNNMC about their usual ways…the NM public is starting to notice

The Northern Issue

Ralph Chapoco

Rio Grande Sun

June 26, 2014

Northern New Mexico College wants to implement a social media policy that parallels what the Kansas Board of Regents passed earlier this year. The Regent’s policy has been controversial and civil rights groups have challenged it on First Amendment grounds.

The policy could penalize students, faculty and staff for posts they make on sites such as Twitter, Facebook and various other blogs the college believes are harmful to its educational mission.

This includes personal social media sites and not just sites affiliated with the college.

Northern’s Vice President of Institutional Advancement Ricky Serna defends the need to have a policy.

He said he believes that posting disparaging comments about the college damages the school in myriad ways and hinders its ability to provide education to its students.

“When we have faculty and staff that misrepresent information on purpose, we need to have…

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