Writing in Public: Social Media, Identity, and Getting Er Done

by VanessaVaile


I’ve been working on a larger project about social groups and digital media. At some point a few dozen people suggested I use data from my blog. And so I’ve been coding comments, content and mapping media relationships for a couple of months now. This weekend I posted a draft paper I workshopped with my critical digital working group. The goal is to turn it into an essay and to move the argument of my larger project forward.

As usual, my folks showed up and showed out. The latest essay version is up. It incorporates feedback from about a dozen people. I should especially thank (using their social media handles seems appropriate) @jadedid @phuzzieslippers @ncecire and @zeynep .

Mostly, I’ve been wanting to cuss in an academic piece for a very, very, very long time…

“Who The Fuck Do You Think You Are?” Academic Engagement, Microcelebrity and Digital Sociology from…

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