Liquidating tenure

by VanessaVaile

Revisiting a 2010 post on a NYTime tenure debate…by an economics adjunct with with an eye for art

occasional links & commentary

You can always count on any hack neoclassical economist to celebrate free markets and corporate governance and to make the case against academic tenure.

In the debate staged by the New York Times, Richard Vedder fills the bill with the usual arguments—that tenure is an obstacle to conservatives’  being hired and it makes it more difficult for colleges to quickly reallocate resources. He even adds a kicker about the role of faculty in the governance of educational institutions:

Tenure contributes to the inefficient and expensive system of shared governance, where decision-making is by committee, and compromise and deal-making trump sound policy-making, including introducing cost-saving innovations.

No surprises there. And he’s joined on the flexible market side of the debate by none other than Mark C. Taylor, who argues that “tenure is financially unsustainable and intellectually indefensible.”

Capital is not only financial but is also intellectual and here too liquidity…

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