Adventures of The Exploded Twitter book club

by VanessaVaile

this falls into place as the final (I hope) piece in an evolving about-Twitter post with an eclectic higher ed bent: advocacy; learning; fun.

Bryan Alexander

In May I participated in an ad hoc social reading experiment.  I hereby dub it The Exploded Twitter Book Club, and think it was both entertaining and instructive.  The experience offers a snapshot of social media in 2014, while perhaps suggesting some emerging trends in reading.

It all began in Twitter during the last days of April.   The indispensable Audrey Watterstweeted to me about a review of a book I’d recommended before, Vernor Vinge‘s Rainbows End (2006).  The reviewer was one James Pulizzi.  The three of us quickly fired tweets at each other concerning the novel and some of its themes.

Then things expanded, as they can do in social media.  We fed each other’s Amazon habits, touched on other books, notably Piketty’s Capital (previously), and complained about other readers:

Twittering about Vinge
It was for me a pleasant experience, and must have seemed so to…

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