“Anarcho-Syndicalism” Works! Or why we should export our shared governance model to other organizations rather than import management fads from business

by VanessaVaile

Arts Squared

Guest Post by Marko Živković, Associate Professor, Anthropology

The recent sacking of Dr. Buckingham for blowing the whistle on the University of Saskatchewan’s TransformUS restructuring process and its top administrators’ attempt to gag any public dissent helps us see the lines of the battle currently raging over universities with extraordinary clarity.

Consider the recent opinion piece byLawrie McFarlane for The StarPhoenix. I am grateful to Jeremy Richards for providing the link to this OpEd on hisWhither the U of A blog. I highly respect Whither as a forum for the critical voices of my colleagues, but the degree to which some of the commentators (alas, mostly anonymous) agree with McFarlane creates an acute case of cognitive dissonance to which I wish to respond. McFarlane was deputy minister of advanced education in Saskatchewan during the 1980s, and his opinion piece may well be the most explicit and succinct statement…

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