California AB 2705: A Small Step Toward Equity

by VanessaVaile


The following statement was released today by the Steering Committee of AAUP’s California Conference:

The California Conference of the American Association of University Professors (CA-AAUP) endorses Assembly Bill 2705.

The bill changes terms used by the California Education Code to describe the hard-working professional educators who now teach the majority of our community college students.

AB 2705 Section 1 acknowledges that “the terms ‘part-time faculty’ and ‘temporary faculty’ do not adequately describe the qualifications, contributions, and importance of the community college faculty to whom those terms have been applied.”

AB 2705 replaces “part-time” and “temporary” with the term “associate faculty,” which it holds is “a more accurate and useful term with which to refer to these educators, who are so integral to the successful functioning of community colleges in this state.”

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