A western college sacrifices the queen

by VanessaVaile

Bryan Alexander

Northern New Mexico CollegeNorthern New Mexico College (NNMC) has made serious cuts to staff, faculty, and programs.  It seems like another queen sacrifice, the strategy whereby a campus cuts previously well-regarded programs and faculty for financial reasons.

I wrote “seems” because there isn’t a lot of coverage, beyond local media.  Here’s the best I can do, and I hope people write in so we can develop a better account.

To begin with, the NNMC governing board has cut several programs. Automotive technology, construction technology, and radiography, according to one source.   “[W]holesale elimination of programs and personnel”, says another, who also adds: “Northern’s president and Board of Regents have taken the approach of eliminating longstanding programs, staff and faculty as quickly and ruthlessly as possible”.

The board chose these programs for their low numbers:

College leaders contend the departments being cut suffer from poor enrollment and low graduation rates…

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