Join us for an international #AdjunctChat

by VanessaVaile

Don’t miss today’s GLOBAL #adjunctchat, 1hr later ~ 4 pm US Central time, adjust accordingly for your time zone


Just a quick heads up that we (@KateMfD and @Acahacker) will be co-facilitating an international #AdjunctChat on Twitter tomorrow (Wednesday 21 May) at 7AM (Australian Eastern Standard Time).

Amongst other things, we’ll be talking strategies and opportunities for networking with CASA colleagues and allies around the world. Helping us get our heads around the possibilities  –  (US),  (UK),  (Canada),  (Australia) as well as lots of CASA regulars and #auscasuals.

To join the chat, follow the hashtag #AdjunctChat (and please bring your own breakfast!).

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