#AdjunctChat Topic May 6 ~ What Digital Literacy Skills Do Adjuncts Need? (with @rjhogue)

by VanessaVaile

Today’s chat is definitely a DO NOT MISS THIS ONE


Twitter_Chat The topic for the #AdjunctChat on Tuesday, May 6 is:

What Digital Literacy Skills Do Adjuncts Need?

The chat will be facilitated by Rebecca Hogue @rjhogue.

Rebecca has detailed the direction of this #AdjunctChat on the post What digital literacy skills do adjuncts need? #adjunctchat on her blog. Please take a look at it for some background and direction for this chat.

All adjunct, contingent, part-time, visiting, and non-tenure track instructors, along with their allies, in higher education are welcome to #AdjunctChat on Tuesday, May 6, from 4:00-5:00pm EDT. Even if you do not readily fit into the above, #AdjunctChat is open to all!

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