The Adult Education Market is Imploding

by VanessaVaile

Because ABE educators are #adjuncts too. Adult Education includes/is associated with but not just for Basic Literacy skils, GED, learning center tutors and entry level VoTech — as well as non-transfer level courses like Developmental Math and Writing. Even if it didn’t, we are still #allinthistogether


Fascinating report out on recent enrollment trends from creepily-named National Student Clearinghouse Research Center. Could be the subject of twenty different posts, so much in it is riveting. This is my takeaway, though, because it is so dramatic:


Yes, we’re at Peak Demo, but removing the for-profits from the equation (imploding for different reasons) the main implosion we’re seeing here is in adult education. Better economy, perhaps. Possible also a cost-sensitive demographic responding to recent hikes. Happy to hear any theories.

BTW — blog this, people! Grab the report, find your own story in it and BLOG. I’m kind of sick of this lazy society we’ve fallen into where a report like this comes out and everybody dedicates less than 140 characters to it. BLOG, dammit! That’s how we see the stories in these things that hide from us, when we get a diversity of voices….

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