CASA weekly news 06/14

by VanessaVaile

Don’t miss CASA week round up on what’s happening with casual faculty in Australia & elsewhere…


Here’s this week’s roundup of higher education and other news items with some relevance to casualisation in Australian universities.

What’s happening in Australia? 

From Stephen Matchett’s Campus Morning Mail on April 4:

In Arts at UNSW eight PhD students are going to get six paid teaching hours per week for two years to provide then with experience that should help them compete for academic jobs when they graduate. Good oh, but I wonder if any casual staff member, say somebody who has completed a doctorate but survives on sessional teaching, will lose work because of the plan. … and here’s hoping the teaching experience the postgrads rack up will help them get full time jobs, rather than just add them to the sessional pool.

The tiny numbers in this program are quite revealing, as a job market prediction.

If you’re an Australian academic leading a teaching team that includes casual teachers, Slapsista’s new…

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