Employees Ready “Out of the Box” at What Cost?

by VanessaVaile


There are a few narratives floating around in the atmosphere these days about labor, training, and credentials. There’s the one that says we have serious skills mismatch in our economy. The solution, this narrative says, is to quickly “retool” the “labor force” for specific job functions. The other narrative says that public colleges have failed to produce employable graduates. This narrative gives us the useless liberal arts refrain and touts STEM careers of the future while bemoaning the lack of math and science acumen of today’s worker. This narrative gives us the ever popular “there are tons of XYZ jobs and no Americans to fill them!”

This picture from libertarianrepublican.net/2010/05/michigan-unemployed-getting-lazy-on.html accompanied a story about lazy Michigan residents who don’t want to work

If you haven’t guessed I think these narratives are off-target, and that’s putting it kindly.

Inherent in the aforementioned lines of argument is this fallacy: that there are…

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