Why I’m here (The Smart Casual)

by VanessaVaile


I already have an online presence for myself at The Smart Casual, where I seek to unpack the myths and realities of being a long-term casual academic and casual worker based on my own experiences, so “Why am I here?” is a good question.

Being a casual academic  is oftentimes a lonely and isolating experience. Without an office space or even common space to meet at, I tend to do all of my work from my home office out in the suburbs. Much of the interactions I have with my colleagues has been via backdoor channels: privately organised gatherings and social events, as opposed to being facilitated by the institutions at which I work. My communications with my colleagues are usually limited to brusque emails communicating facts, rather than the collegiate style communications which could help counter these feelings of isolation and fatigue I am coming to experience here…

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