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by VanessaVaile

let’s make this a regular….note @AlexUsherHESA on the how of casualization (a phrase that makes it sound so much more dignified than it actually is …like the Tao of Pooh) and Lawyers Guns & Money Wayback trip to the land of le plus ça change… le plus c’est le chit en lit


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So, what happened this week?

The academic year began. And while full-time academics were sent welcome back emails, too many casual staff were still finalising contract details on last-minute and emergency hiring, despite being asked to provide all their details months in advance. Both CASA articles had pointed out that these harmful inefficiencies also then have to be explained to students.

So it was timely to read an article written on the Lawyers Guns Money blog back in 2005 saying more or less the same thing.

Why have universities exposed themselves to this level of casualisation, for so long?  At the Canadian Higher Education Strategy Associates…

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