CASA weekly news

by VanessaVaile

What’s new this week with Australian casuals (adjuncts to us Yanks — time we paid attention to what our colleagues call themselves and stop expecting the world to speak American).


CASA runs on the same oily rag as casualisation itself, so we might not always manage a weekly news roundup, but we thought it might be helpful to you if we bundled together some of the miscellany of relevant-to-casualisation material that pops up online. There really is no order to this.

There are also regular, relevant news updates on the NTEU Unicasual website. This is the best way to follow what’s happening in relation to Enterprise Bargaining in Australian universities, for example, where casualisation is often a factor. And The Scan, published in Melbourne, is a rich online source of news and information on what’s going on Australian universities.

If you have any suggestions for events, news or articles that you’d like us to highlight in this digest post, send them our way:

OK, so what happened this week?

In Australia, sector leaders went to Canberra for…

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