If Thomas Paine Were an Adjunct Faculty Member

by VanessaVaile

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Dissident Voice describes itself as “a radical newsletter in the struggle for peace and justice.” It presents a perspective that most readers would describe as Far Left. Although I am generally not put off by the articles that appear in it, some of them are written from points of view that are considerably more radical than my own, and I think that it is fair to say that some are rhetorically over the top, and perhaps self-indulgently so.

Nonetheless, each day’s additions to the site almost always include at least one article that seems to me to be genuinely inspired and both intensely engaging and undeniably inspiring.

Paul Haeder’s “Wrapping the ‘Precarious’ and ‘At-Will’ Labels on 150 Million American Workers” is one of those articles. The entire text is available at: http://dissidentvoice.org/2014/01/wrapping-the-precarious-and-at-will-labels-on-150-million-usa-workers/.

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