AdjunctChat Topic Jan 14 ~ Academy of the Oppressed

by VanessaVaile

…oops, missed yesterday’s #adjunctchat…if you follow this blog, a Storify should appear soon (if not already posted)


Twitter_ChatThis week’s #AdjunctChat is titled “Academy of the Oppressed.”

Much like the previous notable works that earned the words “… of the Oppressed,” this chat will be more about the now, the people who are oppressed in the present of the Academy—faculty, students, and others. The goal is to think, first, about what hurts now, second, about what we want the future to looks like, and third, about what we can do tomorrow, by ourselves if we have to, in order to make it to a future that we call ours.

Our chat questions for this week will be…

  1. What is happening now? Tell us, however directly or indirectly, about a trouble you’ve observed or heard about in the structure of the Academy that is personally familiar to you.
  2. What could the future look like? Tell us, however directly or indirectly, what you think a corrected, functional, and fair…

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