Let’s Start an Adjunct Revolution!

by VanessaVaile

a good idea followed by more of them…specific ones, a characteristic we ask for in our students’ writing but too often neglect when calling for action

Clarissa's Blog

Everybody complains about the substitution of tenure lines with adjunct positions but nobody is actually doing anything about it.

So here is what I suggest: let’s stop whining and start acting. We need to inflict a lot of hurt on any department that cuts a tenure line. We need to heap shame and scorn on any administrator responsible for destroying scholarship and responsible teaching in this country.

Administrators are terrified of bad publicity. The moment you make the first Google search result with an administrator’s name reflect his or her destructive behavior, said administrator begins to grovel. (Here is an example of how easy it is to make an administrator come to her senses and stop bullying educators. And here is how this story got resolved.)

Here is what you need to do from now on: when your department decides / is forced to cut a tenure line, make…

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