The Hedge Police: Censorship at Chicago State University

by VanessaVaile

CSU admin, into censorship and auditioning for the part of Lord Voldemort of Chicago HE…don’t let them be a role model for HE admin partout


Chicago State University (CSU) administrators have sent another letter attempting to shut down or censor the CSU Faculty Voice blog. In November, AAUP VP Hank Reichman called CSU’s earlier letter to the blog “a thuggish effort to bully and frighten, with no legal or moral justification.”

This new letter is even worse, and clear evidence that the CSU administration felt no shame about its earlier attack on freedom of speech.

Donald Levine, a lawyer hired by CSU to go after the blog, writes in his Jan. 3, 2014 letter to the blog’s lawyer, “Please direct your clients to not use CSU’s,[sic] mark, name and any CSU images on the Blog…” Yes, you read that right: CSU is declaring that trademark law allows it to ban any pictures of its campus or any mention of the CSU name from any website. Needless to say, it’s a little difficult to criticize the…

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