MSUM “Free Speech” Email to Faculty: Protection or “Protection”?

by VanessaVaile

Add “administration spin machine” to your lexicon: use regularly. Hack it too by filling in the blank with another HE or related organization term of your choice: “_____ spin machine.” Ready set go & HT @pankisseskafka


In the last few days, I have gotten many emails from individuals very close to the situation at Moorhead State. Some have accused me of journalistic malfeasance, but the vast majority are outpourings of support, gratitude and confirmation of what I’ve written.

ICYMI because you were, you know, celebrating a holiday, I wrote this article in Slate, it went viral, and the university it called out for putting half of its departments on the chopping block–erm, sorry, it slated them for “re-rostering” for “efficiency”–and its shills have accused me of misrepresenting the situation. (By “misrepresenting” they mean, by the way, that I refuse to spin the unconscionable facts so that they make the administration look like the good guys.) 

Anyway, in the past few days I’ve gotten quite a few emails, despite the holiday, from faculty heroes who are writing me from their private email accounts, knowing that even…

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