Congress Deciding to Do Its Job and Address Adjunct Crisis

by VanessaVaile

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Migrant Intellectual


In response to the call for testimony, I submitted the following to Congress:

1. For how long have you worked as a contingent faculty or instructor?

* 1993-2003, Graduate Assistant, Teaching Assistant at private and public colleges and universities in New Hampshire, Minnesota, and Switzerland. (this is a form of unregulated contingency, too).

*2003-2011, Adjunct in Liberal Arts and Humanities in Vermont and New Hampshire.
2. How would you describe the working conditions of contingent faculty and instructors at your college or university, including matters like compensation, benefits, opportunities for growth and advancement, job stability, and administrative and professional support?

* compensation: on an average 20 student enrollment, I was paid less than 15%; with a doctorate I was paid less than 20%; “contact hours” are 3-4 per section per week with a minumum of 7-9 hours “donated” for prep, grading, advising, electronic communications, phone, tutorials. Please read:

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