The Compelling Life Story of Margaret Mary Vojtko

by VanessaVaile

Indubitably, activist adjunct and contingent faculty will be less than happy with how ‘Call me Miss’ views their actions with regard to Dr Vojtko. There is no way to know with certainty how she herself would have viewed: just opinions, speculation and more or less informed guesses. Whether you agree or not, this post more than any other I have reviewed tells us of the person who seems to have disappeared in the maelstrom. As someone who entered a doctoral program and then started college teaching on about the same timetable as Dr Vojtko – knowing that there was a life before this one. I find myself wondering about her life before then, how she came to this one and what else we might have in common besides the academic timetable, non-geographic demographics (aging, living alone, annual income, gender), multiple languages, etc.

You can also agree or disagree with some points without agreeing or disagreeing with all of them. This is or at least should not be. the Kingdom of the Ants. Robert Craig Baum has been working on an memorial underway that I hope Mme Vojtko would have approved of… and CMM as well. Honoring a memory should not require complete agreement on either memory or missions.