Robert Shepherd: How Corporate Monopolies Control What Students Learn

by VanessaVaile

Not so different from what is happening #highered, just with a head start – a fearful example that academia ignored. Now it comes for them….

Diane Ravitch's blog

Robert Shepherd posted this explanation of how the
publishing industry has changed and how a small number of corporate
giants control what students learn:

I think it important
to distinguish between
attempting to bring new products to market that will succeed or
fail in the market based on the merits of those products
monopolistic corporate giants
attempting to rig the market for educational materials so as to
shut out new competitors.
A little

When I started working in educational
publishing back in the early 1980s, a basal literature program
consisted of a student text and a softbound teacher’s guide
containing lesson plans and answers to questions in the text.
That’s it—a student edition and a softbound teacher’s
guide. Then, over the course of many years,
the big educational publishers competed with one another by adding
new components and features, including many “give-aways,” to their
product lines.


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