When Your Hired Guns Are Hacks: Big Thinkers on HigherEd

by VanessaVaile

So read more other and better sources: academic blogs (like this one), student press, alternate press, and ed media. Don’t get hung up on just reading what you want to hear either. Include perspectives you disagree. Don’t look for all your information eggs in the mainstream higher ed media basket either.


Look, I embrace that I am a nobody. It works for me. However, where and when possible, I extend what applied knowledge and expertise I have to issues that I think matter. This blog is an exercise in that activity. I do not do it because it pays well or because I think I have all the answers. As I have mentioned before, my guidelines for what I will address are pretty clear. Only after I consider if I can contribute and if no one else appears to be saying what I think should be said do I conduct the time cost-benefit analysis of any public writing.

When the topic is higher education, I wish I felt less compelled and less often.

My friend Matt Reed has written a stunningly good response to a recent series the Washington Post has been running on the crisis in US higher education. Matt…

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