Not defending Twitter & the Academic Purity Cult

by VanessaVaile

when the cultures of social media, Twitter in particular, and academia intersect

Research Degree Insiders

I have had an awesome week on Twitter.

Research Ryan Gosling (@ResearchGosling) sent me a really useful reading list to help me give my invited seminar on Tuesday on ‘Hyper-Anxiety about Research Integrity in RHD Students and Librarians’. Research Ryan Gosling is not only a pretty face, he has a real live information service friends, who sent me further reading on Friday. Absolute GOLD.

I had some  deep conversations with some other post-academic, alt-academic tweeps about identity and academic jobs. (The posts that started our conversations? Rebecca Schuman (@pankisseskafka) ‘Thesis Hatement‘ and Ethan O Perlstein (@eperlste) ‘The Tenure Games‘). There were voices from Australia, from the US, from tenured faculty, from doctoral students, from people about to become doctoral students.  It was really engaging.

And then last night I had a rant about a trashy book that I thought was going to be a post-apocalyptic comedy with a smart…

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