Inequality, MOOCs and The Predator Elite

by VanessaVaile

After far too long an absence, the Homeless Adjunct is back! Spread the word and share like there is no tomorrow. Dancing on tables encouraged. You know what else this means? The ‘Junct movie is back on track too, coming your way.

The Homeless Adjunct

It’s been too long since I’ve written here on The Homeless Adjunct blog, but I am back and ready to move forward.  The silence was caused by a particularly hard year of never-ending job searching.  Two of my three adjunct teaching jobs disappeared, leaving me with barely 30% of what was already a poverty level income.  I suspect that this has had something to do with my outspokenness on the issue of adjunct labor abuse, but as those of you working on contingency contracts all know far too well — there is simply no way to definitively prove such retaliation.  And after a year of falling victim to the severe trauma that we adjuncts are always facing, I have gotten myself back up, and have determined that I won’t let myself be silenced by poverty, or fear.  While it has certainly proven to be an effective tactic, it can only…

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