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by VanessaVaile

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#EdFriday 5.24.13

Welcome to the Order of Education #EdFriday Update, where we highlight the top posts of the week and share some of our favorite stories in education from around the web. Enjoy!Weekly Karma: “Nothing will ever be attempted if all possible objections must first be overcome.” –Samuel Johnson –Order of ED

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Best Higher Ed Stories of the Week:

Essay on defining ‘alt-ac’ for new Ph.D. job searches | Inside Higher Ed
College offers health insurance coverage to some adjuncts ahead of new regulations | Inside Higher Ed
A Manifesto for Community Colleges, Lifelong Learning, and Autodidacts | Open Education | HYBRID PEDAGOGY
When Adjunct Faculty are the Tenure-Track’s Untouchables ~ Remaking the University

Interview: Jeffrey Selingo, Author Of ‘College (Un)Bound’ : NPR

Our Top Posts:

Teaching Short Stories

Teaching Short Stories in Writing Classes

Last week, we talked about the benefits of teaching poetry in literature-based writing courses. I explained that, in my writing classes at the University of Georgia, I incorporate four major genres of literature, and I began to make the argument that a semester of literary study can be deeply beneficial for students …
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Own Your Own Ohio Adjunct

Buy Your Very Own Ohio Adjunct!

You, too, can own your very own adjunct. All you have to do is move to Ohio and become a university administrator. Yes, folks, that’s all it takes and then you’ll be able to trade people like property. Ohio adjuncts live to serve you. They will do anything you tell them. And they cost next to nothing. Step right up. …
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Book of the Week:

College Unbound: The Future of Higher Education and What It Means for Students

“Part cultural critique, part trend-spotting, and part advice for students and parents navigating a flawed system. [College (Un)bound] delivers a powerful message to colleges themselves: the system is broken, and both their success as institutions and the future success of our workforce depends on their willingness to incorporate unbundled, lower-cost systems that allow students to customize their education.”
Publishers Weekly

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