by VanessaVaile

MI departs this form, leaving (we hope) this shell (or the memory of it) behind…consider it a migration or transmigration of form. Prepare for grand theater and cyber-happenings…Adjunct Verses, Tweetalogues, Occupations, Performances, Publications…and no telling what else or where..

Migrant Intellectual


Collaborators include:

Robert Craig Baum | Brianne Bolin | Gregory Eddy | Joe Fruscione | Margaret Holligan Hanzimanolis | Lee Kottner | Alex Kudera | Heather Momyer | Dennis Moritz | Ana Maria Fores Tamayo


Producer: Robert Craig Baum and N1Theatre

Where: White River Junction, VT | Manhattan | Philadelphia | Phoenix | Los Angeles | Minneapolis | Chicago and other towns/cities to be announced.

Logline: A collection of inspiring and horrifying tales from the front lines of America’s dying higher education system presented/performed/broadcast between Memorial Day and Labor Day 2013.

Director: Robert Craig Baum

(c) Robert Craig Baum 2013 (2/15/13)

Please share.

I’ll broadcast from Twitter: rcbatp or n1academy

The rolling deadline starts February 15th and runs through Summer 2013.

How to participate:

1) write Dr. Robert Craig Baum (rcbatp[aaaaaat]gmail[dahhhht]com) or on Facebook in a private message

2) submit a brief (125-250wd) biography

2) describe (250-350wds) a…

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