by VanessaVaile

Is anyone else tracking, collecting and trying to organize online resources about adjunct and academic labor? We need all the help and advice we can get on how not to drown in the information. The organizing principles laid out here should help even if you aren’t collecting for formal research purposes or don’t use the same tools described in the article.

PS this link is from today’s #etmooc Daily on but seemed more appropriate for here than MOOC Madness, mostly for the serendipity of coming across it while multitasking email, rss feeds and exchanging correspondence about developing an adjunct/contingent faculty bibliograpy ~ a worthy project, especially if coordinating multiple existing efforts.

Dr Sustainable

Keeping up to date with research and managing an increasing number of journal articles and other material is a vital skill of academics and graduate students…

Here I set out my workflow developed over the lat few years using tools such as Zotero, Dropbox , my iPad and Goodreader. Together these tools, and others, see me through from article discovery, through cataloguing and annotating research papers, to synchronising my library across multiple devices, all the way to citing outputs in my own research and preparing accurate reference lists.

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