by VanessaVaile

And who shall calibrate the calibraters? Who else but the lowest and most overlooked among the calibrated. A look behind the curtain is long overdue

Migrant Intellectual

This is the first of a series of intense discussion about how best to review the reviewers, demanding institutional change by way of refocusing institutional priorities as part of a larger 365 review of higher education any and all supporters of the Adjunct Nation need to consider as we move forward in 2013.


All New England colleges and universities must pay their weekly maffia dues to protect them from the non-accredited programs and institutions. Accreditation also protects the institution from having to change its policies regarding rising contingent faculty numbers. That is, rather than hold institutions accountable for their failures to meet the “standards” listed below, NEASC, for example, continues to give accreditation to NH community colleges.

They pay their dues; they receive protection.

It’s really that simple.

Other than blatant cronyism and protected self-interest, what possible reasons could justify missing the mark on every single criteria when contingent…

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