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Another frontline dispatch from the Migrant Intellectual

Migrant Intellectual

learning objectives

To the Adjunct Nation:

To stay focused and prepare ourselves for mass media attention, I wanted to treat this moment no differently than I would a problem on campus. I have written essential objectives for this “course” of action. (Yeah, I just groaned too; that was an unfortunate attempt at academic humor.)

By the end of this broad national conversation about working conditions of adjuncts and the increased reliance on public services, private lending, credit cards, family, and charity, the participants will be able to discuss tactics and strategies such as:


(1) increase revenue through private and public, free market and non-profit models

(2) abandon casino styled investment strategies


(3) use state and federal grants for instructional services not administrative expansion


(4) redefine what it means to learn


(5) revolutionize social networking and the digital economy to meet student/faculty needs


(6) pay workers for…

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