by VanessaVaile

Perfect storms, anxiety justified, oh my. Go tell the Jeremiahs, it’s even worse than they think but can’t all be chalked up to just disruptive innovations of the massively online tech persuasion. Oh rose thou are sick: we’ve known it for some time… signed mine canaries



Even if universities may look well on the surface there is an increasing (and justified) concern that all will change soon. New data and analysis increase the anxiety that the current monopoly of higher education will be lost and just few universities will survive. No one knows which, how many or even if any university will have the chance to celebrate the middle of this century. Deafened by the noise of various bureaucrats and mediocre academics interested to say only what their masters like to hear, some universities and academic groups struggle to see beyond fads and slogans what is shaping the future that will change their existence. This hidden uneasiness is justified. An increasing number of disruptive factors – adding to the obvious and massive impact of Internet and online education – already are changing the landscape for higher education: the significant increase of youth isolation and marginalization, graduate…

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