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Think local. ByLaws set tone for and ultimately shape chapter or local governance. Do the guideline guide, define accountability, outline protections and responsibilities to all members ~ or codify a hierarchical stranglehold? Bad by-laws are all too often seen in the company of bad contracts. Joining up? Ask for and read by-laws and contracts

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Phil Lillies is an internal auditor with a deep interest in workplace democracy. Based in Canada, he has spent ten years applying his training in philosophy and organizational development to the study of internal workings of labour and community organizations. In this article he focuses on bylaws — the rules and regulations that do so much to reflect and condition union culture at local level. He offers some reflections on how to write bylaws that will help create a democratic, inclusive organization… one that will inspire and empower its members to support good causes during times of quiet as well as times of struggle. This will prepare the union to better face the future, no matter what it may bring.

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