by VanessaVaile

I keep hearing about how we need to reach out to parents and students, connect parent concerns and student learning to our workplace issues. This does it. ❤ the college in ruins graphic too… now jonesing for my own to add.

Guerilla U

The spring has become campus visit time for many families in the United States.  The universities are always careful to present their best faces, tour prospective students to the most desirable spots on campus, and talk up the “services”, the “college experience”.  This is pure theatre, and you are being manipulated by some of the most high-priced PR firms in the country.  The quality of learning has very little to do with any of the “benefits” your tour guide’s script will be boasting about.

Our society has become convinced that the only way to a secure, middle class life is through a college program which confers a degree in a “marketable” set of skills. From the time our children are quite young, they are told by parents and teachers, by counselors and advisors, that they must prepare for college. Even elementary school children are told how important it is to…

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